Ramblings Of The Most Uninteresting Human...

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I created this podcast and blog for the individuals like myself, 20-somethings without any clues on how to handle their lives. I want to help them and help me figure out this crazy concept we call life. I am not glamorous, extroverted, skinny, gorgeous nor do I have many friends and a big social media following  but I have gumption(yes, I said it. GUMPTION) and a voice. I want to show women and girls that you don't need a lot to have a great go at life. Also, I like the idea of talking by myself for an hour, it is very therapeutic.


My Goal.

To provide support to any person in need. I want to be there for you in the toughest of times and the highest of them. I want to create a community of like-minded people to share their stories and motivations.


What Is The Podcast About?

It's an honest look into the hum-drum of my life with the occasional ramble on what's annoying me and how I should be leader of the free world to fix it...I am not the only person who thinks those thoughts...



Let me introduce myself


  My name is Mariah Hampton, I am 25 years wise and I live in Central NY.

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Go where you are celebrated - not tolerated. If they can't see the real value of you, It's time for a new start.

— Unknown