Nice to meet you!


Mariah Hampton, PWA (Professional Wise Ass)

Hey! I' m Mariah and welcome to the Life of an Uninteresting Human! I am so glad and honored that your eyeballs are looking at my website!

A little about myself so you don't feel as weird when your looking at random pictures of me.  I'm a March baby whose 25 years old. I have a shit-ton of siblings and the love of 3 parents. I was born on Staten Island and lived in Upstate NY my whole life. I say I hate winters but I secretly love it...sometimes. My life hasn't always been the easiest. My mom is a very hardworking women and provided as much as she could for my siblings and I but that meant things weren't so easy. But you learn and grow from those times!

I still live in Central, NY with my dog(Daisy), cat(Sissy) and one and only(Matt). I wish to be surrounded by people that I love, adore and able to easily kick out of my house(super introverted) and I love reading.

Thank you for being with me through this journey!  Enjoy and talk to you soon! XOXOXO